Doug Boutwell

Is a guy in Orange County, CA who just likes making cool things.

He currently runs his own business, called Totally Rad!, and makes all sorts of neat things for photographers.

He was a pro photographer himself once, shooting weddings for money, models for fun, and abandoned places for the love.

(and occasionally weird side-projects like this Christopher Griffith-inspired series of old shoes)

Outside of work, Doug is usually busy doing more of the same: fixing stuff and making things.

He loves dabbling in music production, making mixtapes (hour-long DJ mixes of stuff DJs usually wouldn't dare play),

music mashups (multiple songs smashed together to make a new one),

and music video mashups (multiple music videos smashed together),

Doug also likes making more tangible things, like model rockets.

this arcade cabinet (MAME + Retroarch, 25Hz arcade monitor, ports for original NES, SNES, and Genesis controllers)

a bunch of stuff around the house

ammunition (but he ain't about that life anymore)

and some award-winning chili (he has a medal and everything).

He once repaired a vintage Rolleiflex camera,

and and uses it to take portraits of his kids on their birthdays every year.

Doug also likes to learn new things, and to have adventures.

Over the years, he has

taught himself how to play the drums pretty well,

learned how to play piano and guitar somewhat less well,

summitted most of the highest peaks in Southern California,

and hiked to some other pretty remote places too.

He knows how to fly a plane,

sail a boat,

and surf well enough to escape suspicion in the lineup.

He also still plays rec soccer,

recently ran a 5k in 19:45,

and loves cycling when he has the time.