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The PicTapGo Crop Tool

PicTapGo’s crop tool is a unique beast. The tool I envisioned was inspired by Lightroom’s crop/rotate tool, but needed to work within the limitations of a mobile / touch device interface. The requirements for the this feature were essentially:

  1. Allow the user to simultaneously manipulate rotation and crop;
  2. Behave the way the user expects (i.e. if you think it should work a certain way, then it will);
  3. Automatically adjust the image to ensure the crop rectangle is entirely contained within the the image canvas (no “fill pixels” at the edges or corners);
  4. Work non-destructively;
  5. Maximize the displayed size of the image; and
  6. Provide continuous controls, as well as discrete ones (i.e. sliders and buttons) to facilitate quick and fine adjustments, and to increase precision.

The resulting solution is, I think, still the best crop and rotate tool around, period. There are a lot of subtle bits that make it an intuitive, easy, powerful tool.

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